Sunday, July 1, 2012

Free Stuff!!

Who doesn't love free stuff?? No one right? Well Miss Jessie's is currently giving away free samples of their products..yes, I said free! All you have to do is go on their website and pick out any 3 of their products and a few days late you'll be in product heaven.

Here's a picture of my sample pack that came in the mail today:

As you can see it comes with your choice of 3 products (and they are quite big in size), a style guide, a product guide, and a hair type guide. And trust when I say it's free, I mean completely free. You don't even pay for shipping.

If you're like me and you've always wanted to try out Miss Jessie's but were deterred by the high price tag, then this is perfect for you. I think I'm going to try out the Curly Merengue tonight on my twist out. I'll let you guys know how it goes tomorrow!

Here's the link to the website:
Miss Jessie's