Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BA Star Smoky Eye Shadow Palette Review and Discounts!

I got this BA Star Natural Shadow Palette in the mail a little over a week ago as a sample* and I've finally gathered enough info on it to do a review!

I decided to wear it for my job interview today and was quite surprised by its staying power. My interview was at 11am and it's 10pm, and it's STILL holding strong! Let me tell you, I've been really busy today running errands, working out, and I even took a nap and it's still just as pigmented as it was this morning!

Let's talk about the palette itself. It comes with three neutral shadows and two glitters, one gold and one white. I didn't use the glitters today (I didn't think it was appropriate for an interview), but I'll try them out soon.

Here are swatches of the shadows with and without primer:

without primer 

with primer

As you can see, these shadows are already highly pigmented without the primer, especially the cream color. I would say you can wear it with or without primer for pigmentation, but primer will make it last longer. 

Overall I think this is a great palette for a simple everyday school or work look. Today I went for a softer look and used the bronze color for the base, but if you want to go bolder you can use the cream color as a base and the bronze for the crease. The colors are highly pigmented and have great lasting power with a primer. 

I'm definitely going to consider investing in a few more of these palettes and you should too! BA Star Cosmetics will even help you get started with a 50% off discount code! At $8.75 retail this brings your cost down to a mere $4.37, what a deal! All you have to do is go to the BA Star website and enter the coupon code 'BBSMOKY' at checkout.

BA Star website: http://www.bastar.com/category_s/1887.htm
Discount code: BBSMOKY 

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