Sunday, June 17, 2012


Hello my fellow curly headed sistahs! My name is NaturaleeDee and I'm here to spread the curly love around. I embarked on this natural journey 3 years ago right before I started my first year of college at Florida State. Let me just say that my Big Chop was not by choice! At that point my hair was very damaged from years of perm and heat. I had tried going natural before but that creamy crack was so good to me! The damage caught up to me and the middle of my hair was practically bald...imagine that, shoulder length hair with a bald spot in the middle! It was not cute. After trying almost everything to make my hair grow, the fabulous owner of Natural Trendsetters in Tamarac, Florida told it to me straight. "Hair is like grass...if you cut it, it will grow." And that was it, 30 minutes later I walked out with 1/4 inch of curls on my head.

While at first I thought of my BC as a traumatic experience, I quickly learned to embrace my natural hair. It's freeing, it's beautiful, it's healthy and it fits me. Simply put, I LOVE MY HAIR! I have learned so much in my short journey and I want to share my experiences with you all. I want to learn with you guys and help you grow with me, and that is the sole purpose of this blog. I hope that you guys enjoy this blog as much as I will!